“SKR aides have provided excellent round-the-clock care for my mother since 2013. They help above and beyond their assigned duties, coordinating both personal care and communication with the assisted living staff. During the Philadelphia papal visit, they ensured seamless continuity of care and turned a potentially major disruption into a non-event!”

“My mom continues to be delighted with our caregiver and we feel so lucky to have her.”

“On behalf of my entire family, I can’t tell you how grateful we are for the support you gave us during my dad’s final months. Your service was remarkable. It was a huge relief to know we had such kind and capable support for both my parents. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Thanks for your help. Your staff is excellent. It was a great relief to know Mom had assistance. Having the aides also served as a very positive introduction to having a live-in aide.”

“My mother has advanced dementia, and yet her quality of life is amazing because of the exceptional care and love she receives from her aide. SKR has an incredible team of caregivers – I don’t know how I could manage without them.”

“We have been utilizing SKR’s services for over nine months for my father whose health is deteriorating. SKR allowed us to try multiple caregivers until we found ones who best met our needs and satisfied my father. We now have a team in place that is excellent and addresses my father’s needs without being intrusive. The administrative staff is proactive, not just reactive.”

 “Papal week was an exciting time at the Atria Senior Living facility in Philadelphia. The checkpoint was right outside the building and the crowds were enormous. SKR’s ability to manage through the staffing, transportation and scheduling challenges were noteworthy. It turned out to be a very fun weekend!”

“Our family used SKR for my mom’s care for almost 5 years until her death at age 97 in July,2018. In the beginning we only needed assistance with a few daily tasks for just a few hours a week. But over time our requirements gradually increased until mom needed full time round the clock care since she had lost her vision and a good deal of her mobility. We never, ever, thought about using a different agency. SKR addressed each challenge as it arose. The team did a superb job of caring for mom- they worked so well with each other and communicated daily with staff at Atria and also with the family. They also did a great job of anticipating upcoming requirements so that we could be prepared to meet mom’s needs as she aged. All of the caretakers were highly skilled and so engaged with mom- they were her pals! and they became part of the family as well.

Thanks you Susan and ALL of the team for your guidance, patience, skills, care and friendship.” 

“SKR has provided round-the-clock personal care aides for both my mother-in-law and my mother during the last three years. Coverage has been seamless at all times without any crises or disruptions of any kind, even in extraordinary circumstances. I strongly recommend SKR to anyone who needs personal care assistance.”