SKR Home and Health Care Solutions offers services designed to meet your needs. 

SKR has the ability to put together a team of caring, strong, supportive and knowledgeable people. Some clients call them their angels and are with them 24/7. When you or someone you care about is in need of assistance, they deserve to have the very best in the business. There are very few organizations who are able to assist in that process. SKR can help you find your angels!


Private discharge planning

Nurse Case Manager

Non-medical in-home services

Companion Caregiving services

Respite care


Elective surgery services

Mandatory surgery services


Short and long-term solutions

Hospital stays – we can stay with your
loved ones during a hospitalization.

Concierge Services


Meal Preparation and meal delivery

Doctor’s Appointments/Transportation

Preventative Assessment Visits: To provide a nurse to assist with personal care as needed, medicine management, and offer an evaluation to be able to review with the family and/or facility for a plan of care. 




Personal Care

Skilled Nurses – Medicine Management/Prescription Refill/Hospice Support/ Advocacy/Support pre and post-surgery.

Massage Therapy Services with special focus on lymphatic drainage (a special massage technique that focuses on proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions).

Occupational Therapy / Specializing in ADLs (Assisted Daily Living Tasks)

Physical Therapy

Vestibular Therapy / Vision Therapy

Some members of our team are ASL certified. Sign Language interpreter is specially trained to allow hearing, deaf and hard of hearing people equal access to information and interactions.

Many use some form of sign language, usually American Sign Language (ASL). Other modes of sign language may also be preferred such as; Signed English – a hybrid of ASL signs expressed in English grammatical order.